A Summer of Prayer 

On the day the Supreme Court issued their ruling on Dobbs v. Jackson, various individuals and groups supporting abortion announced that this would be a “summer of rage.” And sadly, pregnancy centers and life-affirming groups/individuals across our nation have experienced that rage first hand.

In July, our Kenmore center was vandalized, and the vandal left the words, “If abortions aren’t safe you aren’t either!” spray-painted on our sidewalk. In addition to the vandalism in Kenmore, we’ve had signage destroyed at our Bellevue location, stolen from our Federal Way Center and pro-abortion posters glued to our Federal Way center front door. We also had a package sent to us addressed to “Jane Roe” that required a police response.

We choose to believe the individuals who commit such acts of vandalism or attempts at intimidation don’t understand the work we are doing in our communities.

We also believe we are tasked with the mandate to “love our enemies” and so we would ask you to pray with us for these individuals and groups and ask God to open their eyes to the truth of His Word. While others claimed this summer for “revenge,” we at Care Net have made this a summer of prayer. 

Prayer: Our Most Important Work

As a Christ-centered ministry, we believe prayer is the most important work we can do. God is the one who changes hearts, restores hope, and gives life and we, alongside all of you, simply serve as His hands and feet.

When the ruling was made to overturn Roe, our prayer and our supporters’ prayer efforts doubled as we rallied in-person and online to pray. And we can see that God has responded to the prayers of His people in incredible ways.

From January-September of this year, we’ve seen a 23% increase in clients compared to last year! We’ve seen a 37% increase in positive pregnancy tests and a 38% increase in ultrasounds!

To each of you who has prayed, volunteered, or given (especially in response to our unbudgeted security costs), thank you.

Thank you for continuing to stand for women, families and life alongside us.

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