From Abortion to Motherhood

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. And it’s a wonderful time to recall the work God is doing in Care Net of Puget Sound centers and the women who are moms because they found the support they needed to choose life!  

“Demi” and her mom “Helen” walked up to our mobile clinic from the abortion clinic. Demi was excited when she found out she was pregnant and imagined her life as a mama to her little one, and Helen was excited to welcome a grand baby. However, Demi suffered severe morning sickness for weeks. She was so weak and discouraged, she did not think she could handle being so sick anymore.  

Out of desperation, Demi scheduled an appointment to have an abortion. Her mom did not think that an abortion was the right decision for her daughter, but she was unsure how to support Demi, and wanted to let her know that she would be there for her whatever she decided. 

As Demi walked into the abortion clinic, her mom Helen prayed for her. 

Sitting inside the abortion clinic as her mother prayed outside, Demi realized she couldn’t go through with the abortion. She walked out of the abortion clinic not sure what she would do when they found the mobile clinic.  

Demi was still quite upset, but as she talked with the nurse and advocate, she began to relax and open up. With her permission, we prayed over her, her baby, and her mom. The nurse offered her an ultrasound, and Demi cried happy tears as she saw her very active baby on the screen. Our nurse provided medical information for relief from her symptoms and referred her to ongoing care. Demi also learned about all the other resources available to her during her pregnancy and into motherhood.  

Demi left the mobile encouraged and armed with the resources to advocate for herself and her baby. 

A New Life

Demi’s baby was born just a couple months ago and is the joy of Demi’s life.  

This month Demi is celebrating her first Mother’s Day alongside her own mother!  

Her story could have ended much differently, but by the grace of God and through the power of prayer, it didn’t. This story is just beginning as Demi embarks of the incredible journey of motherhood!  

Whether you yourself are a mother or not, we want you to know the difference your partnership makes for women like Demi and her baby. 

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