Seattle City Council and the Truth about CNPS

In September of 2022, the Seattle City Council passed legislation designed to “prohibit deceptive practices of ‘crisis pregnancy centers.’”

Communications from the Seattle City Council define crisis pregnancy centers as, “fake clinics that exist to surveil pregnant people and prevent their access to proper healthcare.”

The services offered by Care Net of Puget Sound have grown substantially over the past 40 years and we haven’t used the term “crisis pregnancy center” since 2009. We believe “pregnancy resource center” better represents us. However, we understand that many people still associate Care Net with the term – but certainly not the definition offered by the Seattle City Council.

The communications from the Seattle City Council additionally state, “It’s critical that we as elected officials are aware of and taking steps to regulate the actions of these fake clinics, which exist to spread misinformation and collect personal health information while providing no actual medical services.”

Care Net of Puget Sound is in agreement with taking a strong stance against misleading advertising, misuse of personal health information and any action that seeks to manipulate or mislead women facing unplanned pregnancies. We are, and have long been, committed to sharing accurate information, biblical truth, and delivering professional medical services. Offering truth, presenting options, and protecting information should apply to all organizations offering pregnancy and family services.

The Truth about Care Net of Puget Sound

A question the Seattle City Council never asked is: ”Are these claims about pregnancy centers true?” Does Care Net of Puget Sound engage in misleading advertising, the spreading of misinformation, surveillance of women, and misuse of personal health information?

And the answer is a simple and definite NO.

First, our goal is never to trick women into thinking we’re an abortion clinic. We firmly believe that “bait and switch” practices do not reflect the truth that we as followers of Christ are called to model as we serve women and families. All our advertising clearly defines the services we do, and do not provide. When a client contacts us asking for an abortion, we are consistently open and honest that we do not provide or refer for abortion services.

Second, we deeply value our client’s privacy and protect all our client information to the full extent of the law. We are HIPAA compliant in our practices and systems so that every person who walks into our center knows their information will be safe with us.

Finally, contrary to the rather worn-out claim that our centers are “fake,” our centers are licensed medical facilities in complete compliance with Washington state law and protected by the federal FACE Act of 1994. Every client we serve receives accurate medical information shared in a compassionate, judgment-free environment from one of our almost 30 professional medical team members.

As mistruths continue to be spread about pregnancy centers, we want you (as our partners in ministry) to feel confident in sharing the truth about the life-affirming care we offer to women and families in the Puget Sound region.

We will continue to share the truth in love — not out of anger, self-promotion, or as a part of a political agenda because the women and families of our communities need our support.

They need to know that abortion is not their only option and that there are entire communities of women and men, churches, and businesses supporting and loving them through the power and hope of Jesus.

Thank you for serving the women and families of our communities alongside us!

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