Supporting Men and Why It Matters

Men’s Programs and Why it Matters 

In our culture, it’s common to see abortion as a women’s issue and men are often excluded from the conversation (except when they are encouraged to publicly support abortion rights). 

However, at Care Net of Puget Sound, we recognize that men have an important role to play in this conversation and family life as a whole. That’s why we provide free pregnancy help to both women AND men.  

The Problem of Fatherlessness 

While there are various issues surrounding the abortion debate, one of the factors we see contributing to the abortion crisis in our communities is the breakdown of the family structure. As sexual activity is continually separated from God’s design for marriage as laid out in Genesis 2, pregnancies are often experienced outside stable family relationships.  

In fact, in 2022, only 35% of our clients reported being married. In serving our female clients, we see over and over that when women face unplanned pregnancies outside stable, loving marriages, the challenges and hurdles they must overcome to choose life quickly multiply– whether they be financial, childcare, schooling, or other challenges.  

And though we see women in our centers bravely choose life over and over, despite the absence of a loving husband and father, we recognize that in an ideal scenario, this wouldn’t be the case.  

Fathers can and should step up and play an active role in their child’s life. If they did, children would start life with the clear advantages of two loving parents, and women would not be left to make these challenging pregnancy decisions alone. 

Challenges Facing Our Male Clients 

When a man is deciding what role to take in an unplanned pregnancy, he too faces several challenges. He may feel he doesn’t have any voice in the decision because “it’s her body.” He may feel overwhelmed at the prospect of becoming a father or having another child. He may be noncommittal toward the relationship and worried a baby will force him into a relationship he doesn’t feel ready for. He may face other obstacles to becoming the father his child deserves, such as mental health issues, work-life imbalances, and a lack of positive role models and supportive environments. 

Often, men simply do not know where to start. Maybe due to a lack of a father figure in their own life, they feel ill-equipped for the task of fatherhood. 

So how can these men be equipped with the confidence and competence they need to become the fathers we know their children need?  

Men’s Programs: Helping Men Become Great Fathers  

That’s where Care Net of Puget Sound’s Men’s Programs come in.  

With the aid of local churches, Care Net of Puget Sound’s Men’s Programs provides mentorship to men facing unplanned pregnancies and/or navigating the challenges of parenting.  

Not only are men encouraged to participate in pregnancy consultations and ultrasound appointments (with the permission of their partners), but we offer them the practical support and mentorship they need to feel ready to become fathers. 

This support can look like…

  • One-on-one meetings each week to discuss the challenges of parenting.  
  • Practical material support to help offset the costs of parenting—from the day they find out they are fathers until their children turn 4 years old.  
  • Classes with the mother-of-the-baby where they can find support and free pregnancy help for their parenting.  

We even have a space carved out for post-abortive men who often feel as though they are cursed to bear the burden of unspeakable grief alone. 

A Vision for the PNW 

Our vision is for every man who enters our doors to come out on the other side feeling confident and competent, recognizing that if his partner is pregnant, he is a dad, and we are here to help him to become a great father.  

You can learn more about our Men’s Programs by clicking here.  

Looking to make a difference for men facing unplanned pregnancies? Consider volunteering as a male mentor and serving directly with men/couples in one of our centers. Or you could make a pro-life donation to help us continue to support dads and provide other life-affirming services in the Puget Sound area.  

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