Isabelle and Mateo’s Story: A Story of Faith

“Isabelle” and “Mateo” reached out to a Care Net of Puget Sound for parenting support. They were expecting their first child and felt very overwhelmed and anxious at the prospect of becoming parents. In addition, they also shared that their relationship was under strain, and they were unsure what the future of their family would look like. They wanted to take some classes to gain some practical parenting skills and prepare for the arrival of their baby.  

During their intake appointment, their mentor asked if they had any faith beliefs. Both shared that they had grown up with some exposure to faith but were unsure what they believed. Both said that they were comfortable with prayer at the end of their meetings, and over the next few weeks the couple would pray with their mentor after discussing their parenting lessons. As well as talking about how they could prepare for the arrival of their baby, Isabelle and Mateo had many engaging conversations about faith, the Gospel, and the values that they wanted to lead their family with.  

After a few weeks, Isabelle said she’d received some concerning test results and that her OB provider ordered additional tests to ensure the baby was okay. She asked us to pray that God would protect her and her baby.  

Later, Isabelle told us, “As we were sitting there with the doctor, hearing all the bad news, I felt fear come on me.  At that point, I remembered your words and how I was not to be afraid but have faith and trust God.  A peace came over me and I just knew everything was going to be alright.”   

The baby was born a week later, and both mom and baby were healthy and thriving. An answer to prayer! 

After taking a short break from classes to bond with their new baby, Isabelle and Mateo resumed their meetings with their parenting mentor. They began to ask more questions about God, what it meant to be a Christian, and how they could grow in their relationship with Christ. They asked for a Bible, which their mentor happily provided. In addition, the couple shared that they had decided to make the marriage commitment, and they started attending a local church.  

When Isabelle and Mateo graduated from the parenting program, Mateo told their mentor that he believed that the Lord had “specifically placed us together for this time” and shared that the mentorship and encouragement they had received at Care Net had profoundly impacted their lives, their relationship, and their family. Although they had come to Care Net feeling very anxious about their futures, Isabelle and Mateo were now confident that God had a plan for their family. 

The Impact of Parenting Support 

Becoming a parent for the first time is one of the most impactful experiences of a person’s life. It’s normal for a new parent to feel overwhelmed and to look for support for the challenges they are facing.  

This is also a crucial time that can set the tone for their relationship with their child, and for their family as a whole.  

At Care Net of Puget Sound, we are honored with the opportunity to support parents like Isabelle and Mateo. The relationships that are built between clients and their mentors help empower them to become the best moms and dads they can be for their children.  

Are you interested in supporting new moms and dads?  

You can learn more about becoming a parenting mentor here.  

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