New Life: Laura Jean’s Story

A Bad Beginning

“I grew up in a terribly broken home. My parents were very active with drugs, and I was shipped from home to home. 

By the time I hit middle school, I had already attended 11 different elementary schools. 

When I was 12 years old, my father gave me meth for the first time, and I quickly became addicted. From that moment on, I was off and on drugs, living a life that felt a lot more like death. 

In 2005, I became super depressed and couldn’t shake it, so I started using a lot of drugs. I met a guy and ended up getting pregnant. I was devastated and called Care Net in Lakewood for a pregnancy test. 

The women there spent time praying with me and asked me what I wanted to do with the baby. My intention was to have an abortion. I left that appointment angry. I threw everything away that they gave me, and I went to get high. 

About three weeks later, I called a Seattle abortion clinic to set up an appointment. They asked me how far along I was. I had no clue, so I went to Care Net in Tacoma to get an ultrasound. I was surprised to discover how far along I was in my pregnancy.  At that point, I was 24 weeks pregnant. 

It was too late to have an abortion. So, I started to use more drugs, drive my car through red lights, and partake in any dangerous activity I could so this baby and I would die. 

On January 22, 2006, I went into labor. My son was born at 32 weeks old.  I was devastated that I could have ever treated such a beautiful human so horribly. 

A New Beginning

On February 1, 2006, I gave my life to Jesus. I was 100% delivered from all drugs. Now, 11 1/2 years later, my son is perfect and amazing, and we have not stopped serving Jesus. 

I believe that it was the prayers of the women at Care Net that led me to Jesus. Even though, at the moment, I was not happy about their prayers, I look back and see that they were the ONLY people in my life who cared for me and my son. 

In 2015, I came to Care Net in Kenmore because my husband and I were pregnant with our now 2-year-old little boy. We attended parenting classes, which were super helpful for my husband and 11-year-old, as well. We are now pregnant with baby #3. 

Care Net has continued to be a tremendous support to us, and we are eternally grateful for their important role in our lives.” 

To support women like Laura Jean give today. 

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