The Power of Progesterone 

When Erika found out she was pregnant, she felt like it was the end of the world.  

She felt trapped in a corner and, in desperation, started an abortion by taking the first pill of a medication abortion. This first pill (mifepristone) is designed to stop the supply of progesterone to a developing baby.  

But the moment after she took that pill, Erika had a change of heart. 

She opened her phone and started searching online for how she could reverse her abortion.

That’s when she found something called the Abortion Pill Reversal (APR). Through a regimen of progesterone prescribed by a medical professional, the abortion pill reversal works to combat the effects of the first abortion pill and save the pregnancy.  

This reversal protocol is successful 64-68% of the time, and women are able to save their unborn children!

Thanks to your support, we are a part of this national movement to offer the abortion pill reversal to women in need. Through this partnership, your support, and the diligent work of a local OB/GYN and abortion pill reversal provider, women like Erika have found hope to reverse their abortions. 

Erika got connected with a local APR provider and was referred to Care Net for ultrasounds to confirm the viability of her pregnancy and offer her ongoing support. She enrolled in our parenting classes, and we’ve been able to walk through this pregnancy with her, providing emotional and material support. 

Erika recently delivered a healthy baby, and we are rejoicing with her that her child was saved by the grace of God through the incredible power of the abortion pill reversal! 

Offering Women a Second Chance

Currently over 50% of abortions in the United States are medical abortions, and since 2021, these pills have been made available online to fearful and desperate women.  

We want to offer each of these women hope.  

We want to offer life-affirming alternatives and education that empowers them to consider all their pregnancy options. 

For those who have had abortions, we want to offer them and the fathers of the babies healing and redemption through our Healing Tide services.  

We also want to offer hope to women who have taken the first abortion pill and regret that decision. These women need to know that there is still a chance of reversing their abortion.  

Thank you for continuing to stand by us in providing life-affirming care and support to women in need.

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