What Do Clients Think of Our Services?

In 2018, Forbes found that Chick-fil-A has the highest customer satisfaction rating in the country – 86%!  

It’s not surprising. They’re well known for their fast drive thru lines, delicious chicken, and smiling service always punctuated with a friendly “my pleasure.”  

But did you know that there are organizations that have a higher satisfaction rating than Chick-fil-A?  They’re called pregnancy resource centers. 

Header text: Pregnancy Centers have Higher Customer Satisfaction than Chick-Fil-A

In a Care Net National report, 94% of clients served across almost 1,200 affiliated pregnancy resource centers reported their satisfaction with their care at their local Care Net.   

But what about Care Net of Puget Sound? Are women and families served in one of our 6 centers or two mobile units receiving the life-affirming care and support they need?  

By the grace of God, the answer is a confident yes. Last year, our clients reported a 100% satisfaction rate with their care!  

Here are just a few of the things our clients have recently written on their evaluation surveys… 

“Everyone was so friendly and helpful.“ 

“You guys are very respectful and caring.” 

“I felt safe and very excited that I’d picked the right care.”  

“I would refer anyone I know to Care Net!” 

Despite what has been said about pregnancy resource centers (also sometimes categorized as crisis pregnancy centers) over the past months, these testimonies don’t lie. Women don’t leave our centers feeling manipulated, deceived, or pressured to choose life.

Women leave our centers reporting feeling cared for, respected and supported. They leave knowing that we are here for them, and that no matter what decision they make, we care about them and their unborn babies.  

We don’t share this to give ourselves a pat on the back. We share this because it’s a testimony to God’s work through his people!  

Whether you help us serve women through financial gifts, volunteering, praying with us or sharing about this ministry with your church, friends and community, you are making a difference.  

Thank you for bringing hope and life-affirming care to the women and families of our communities.  

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