Building a Sanctuary of Life through Providing Women Unplanned Pregnancy Help

Offering Life-affirming, Free Pregnancy Help to Women Considering Abortion 

When Madison* walked into a Care Net of Puget Sound pregnancy resource center for a pregnancy consultation, she was being heavily pressured by her boyfriend’s family to have an abortion. In fact, she already had the abortion pills in her possession, ready to be taken in a moment. But a quiet doubt plagued her. She wasn’t sure if an abortion was actually what she wanted.  

One of our Care Net of Puget Sound advocates was able to sit down with Madison and offer her a safe place to walk through her options, offer her free pregnancy help, and hear why she was considering abortion. We found out she was being heavily pressured by her boyfriend’s family to end the pregnancy. While she was in our center for her appointment, her boyfriend’s mother was texting her, reminding her to take the first abortion pill.  

In our center, Madison found the safety and support she needed to bravely choose life. After talking with our team, Madison told us she was determined not to let anyone pressure her into an abortion. She had found a safe place to process her unplanned pregnancy and would never take those pills to end her baby’s life.   

A Sanctuary of Life in the Puget Sound

Leaders in our own state have proudly declared Washington a “sanctuary state” for abortion. And, sadly, from April 2022 to March 2023, Washington State has seen a reported 16.5% increase in monthly abortions. But even as leaders in our state push and fight to build a sanctuary for abortion, God is building a sanctuary to support life, one woman, one man, one child, one family at a time.  

In 2022, Care Net of Puget Sound experienced a 33% increase in clients, and in the first half of 2023, we’ve seen an additional 47% increase in clients! We’ve seen more and more women, like Madison, come to Care Net considering an abortion, but finding the free pregnancy help, hope, and support they need to choose life. God is at work, and He is building a place of refuge and support of life for the women of King and Pierce counties through Care Net of Puget Sound.  

God is building:  

  • A sanctuary for Madison as she’s pressured to abort by her boyfriend’s family;  
  • A sanctuary for Piper,* a single mom who was considering abortion until she came to Care Net and chose instead to make the loving choice of adoption; and  
  • A sanctuary for Dakota,* a domestic violence survivor, who found safety and bravely chose life for her unborn baby. 

We know there is still so much to be done in our communities to build a sanctuary of life. While we work toward that end, we trust that God is the One ultimately at work. As we consider more ways to reach more abortion-minded women, and offer unplanned pregnancy help to more and more clients, we know prayer is the most important thing we can do. We have over 1,000 people committed to praying with us. Would you commit to joining them? You can sign up to join our prayer team today by visiting  

You can also make a pro life donation today to support life and help us continue to offer free pregnancy help to women in need.  

*Names changed to protect client confidentiality. 

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