Sanctity of Human Life Sunday: What is it and why does it matter

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday: What is it and why does it matter

On January 21, 2024, thousands of churches across the United States will commemorate Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, celebrated each year on the Sunday closest to the anniversary of the passing of Roe V. Wade. Established in 1988 by President Ronald Regan, Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is a day set aside to celebrate and recognize the value and dignity of human life.

In a post-Roe America, we know that thousands of lives continue to be lost to abortion.  

In Washington State, 16,000 lives are lost on a yearly basis to abortion (according to most recent annual reports). Post-Roe, the number of abortions in our state has grown. From April 2022 to March 2023, it is reported that our state has seen a 16.5% increase in abortions each month.  

The need to acknowledge and celebrate the sanctity of every human life is greater than ever and the church can be a part of valuing human life!  

Here are a couple ideas of how you can support life and celebrate Sanctity of Human Life Sunday this January:  

  • Encourage your church leaders to dedicate Sunday, January 21, to talking about the value of unborn life.   
  • Connect your church to the life-changing work happening in your community. There are over 1,000 pregnancy resource centers across the United States doing incredible work to change and save lives.  
Partner with Your Local Pregnancy Resource Center.  

If you’re wondering where to start in celebrating Sanctity of Human Life Sunday this January, we at Care Net of Puget Sound are here to help. 

If you are located in Pierce or King county, we’d encourage you to check out how Care Net of Puget Sound can help your church body engage on this important issue. We are a pregnancy resource organization that’s been serving King and Pierce counties for over 40 years. We provide no-cost, life-affirming care to women and families in our communities through the hope of Jesus Christ. 

Each year, we equip churches to engage on the topics of abortion and the sanctity of human life in powerful and compassionate ways.  

You can introduce your church body to the work of Care Net of Puget Sound by… 

  • Scheduling a Care Net representative to speak during your service about the work happening throughout the Puget Sound to offer women and families life-affirming care. 
  • Coordinating a baby bottle fundraising drive to benefit Care Net of Puget Sound. All gifts collected by your church will go toward providing, free, life-affirming care to vulnerable women and families in your community. 

Learn more by visiting our website or sending us an email.  

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