Are Pregnancy Resource Centers just “Fake Clinics”?

If you’ve been around the conversation of abortion for any period of time, you’ve probably heard the line that Pregnancy Resource Centers are just “fake clinics.”  

It’s a line that has been promoted by abortion providers, news media and politicians for years. The real question is, is it true? Are pregnancy centers like Care Net of Puget Sound, providing unplanned pregnancy help, just “fake clinics” designed to deceive women looking for abortions? 

The simple answer is a definite no. Let’s break this argument down here and share the truth about the work Care Net of Puget Sound is doing to provide unplanned pregnancy help in our communities. 

Why Pregnancy Resource Centers are called fake clinics 

There are a couple reasons abortion advocates have made the false claims that pregnancy centers like Care Net of Puget Sound are fake. Here are three of the most common claims you may hear being made as “proof” that Care Net is just a fake clinic:  

Claim: Care Net of Puget Sound pretends to be an abortion clinic to trick women.  

Truth: All our advertising is transparent about the services we do and do not provide. 

As a part of the Care Net affiliate network, we agree to comply with strict guidelines regarding truthful advertising. 

Anyone who contacts us looking for an abortion will be informed what free pregnancy help we do and do not provide. We will then offer this potential client life-affirming medical services and unplanned pregnancy help, enabling her to explore all her options and be empowered to choose life.  

At Care Net of Puget Sound, we believe in informed consent, which means that a woman has a right to know the facts and potential risks regarding an abortion procedure, as well as the alternatives available to her. Many women considering abortion are uninformed about the procedure and the development of their unborn children, and they are often unaware of the support available to assist them in carrying their children to term.   

Claim: Care Net of Puget Sound doesn’t provide any legitimate medical services.  

It’s worth asking, what are they considering “legitimate medical services”? Often abortion advocates will label ANY and EVERY pregnancy resource center that doesn’t provide abortions as a “fake clinic” no matter how many medical services they provide to women in need. If that service list doesn’t include abortion, these clinics get the “fake clinic” stamp.  

Truth: Care Net of Puget Sound is a healthcare facility as defined by WA State RCW 70.02.010.  

In all, our medical team includes almost 30 licensed professionals who provide confidential and free unplanned pregnancy help. We also have an extensive list of 42 highly qualified and credentialed medical professionals on our Medical Advisory Council. 

Everyone who performs ultrasounds in our centers is a licensed medical professional (RN, RDMS, ARNP, MD, PA) who has gone through a national training program and performed a minimum of 50 scans before they are approved to scan independently. 

Our viability ultrasounds determine three things:  

  • See if the pregnancy is in the uterus 
  • Detect the heartbeat (if present) 
  • Date the pregnancy  

Each ultrasound is reviewed by one of our medical directors (both OB/GYNs). Whether or not a client is considering an abortion, she is given accurate information on her pregnancy.  

In addition to ultrasounds, we provide women’s STD testing for the most common STDs in our geographical area.  

We believe our clients deserve the best medical care, and in addition to our services, we have an extensive base of referrals where we connect clients for things such as OB/GYN care and medical insurance.  

Claim: Care Net of Puget Sound doesn’t protect client information under HIPAA 

Propositions have even been made that pregnancy resource centers such as Care Net would use our client’s information to pursue legal action against a client who is looking for an abortion, which is simply not true.  

Truth: We deeply value our clients’ privacy, and all our systems and centers are HIPAA compliant. 

Care Net has an over 40-year history of maintaining client confidentiality. This is one of the many factors that resulted in clients giving us a 99% satisfaction rating during 2022.  

Clients can trust their information will be held in the strictest confidence just as it would be at any other medical facility. As abortion is restricted in other states, Care Net of Puget Sound will not use the personal health information of any of our clients to seek legal action against them. 

If clients come to our centers from out of state looking for abortions, we will not report them or seek legal action against them but will compassionately walk them through their options and offer them support. 

In fact, Care Net of Puget Sound’s HIPAA compliance has been verified by VanRein Compliance Inc. for 2023.

Care Net of Puget Sound offers Free Pregnancy Help to Women in Need 

Through our 8 clinics, located throughout both King and Pierce County, we are offering women free pregnancy help that offers women hope and supports these women in choosing life. If you want to learn more about our work, or if you are wanting to make a prolife donation today to Care Net of Puget Sound, visit our website. You can also contact us with questions.

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