Rashida’s Story: A Story of Hope

“Rashida” walked up to the mobile clinic looking for hope.  

Through tears, she shared her story with her advocate. The father of her baby had abandoned her, and she did not have any support. After telling her OB provider that she was feeling overwhelmed, he scheduled her an appointment for an abortion. She did not want to have an abortion, but she did not know what other options she had. She drove herself to the clinic and sat outside in her car. Rashida could not bring herself to walk into the abortion clinic.   

Rashida had not even told anyone about her pregnancy because of the situation involving the father, but she shared that she was already into her second trimester and knew she was having a little girl.   

Rashida’s advocate and nurse were able to encourage her, pray for her, and offer her resources to empower her to choose life.

She was paired with a mentor who met with her weekly to check in and support her. In just a few weeks, Rashida accomplished so much. She told her family about her pregnancy, and her mom offered to move in with her to help with the baby. She found a new OB provider who supported her decision to choose life, and her job was happy to accommodate time off. The classes she took with her mentor helped prepare her for delivery and welcoming home her baby girl.

Each week she came to classes, Rashida looked more at peace and ready for the arrival of her little one.

She shared that the name she chose for her daughter means “hope.” 

Care Net of Puget Sound: A Place to Find Hope 

But he saves the needy from the sword of their mouth 
    and from the hand of the mighty. 
So the poor have hope, 
    and injustice shuts her mouth. (Job 5:15-16, ESV) 

At Care Net of Puget Sound, we seek to be a safe place for those who feel hopeless, fearful, or alone. We pray that no woman ever feels like she has to end the life of her child due to lack of support or other options.  

We were honored with the opportunity to minister to Rashida at a pivotal moment in her story. We rejoice with her as the Lord has provided for her and her daughter.  

We can provide practical, compassionate care for clients like Rashida because of our supporters who pray for our ministry, give their time and talents as volunteers or staff members, and donate to financially support the work we do at Care Net.  

Please prayerfully consider how the Lord is calling you to support life in your community.  

Want to learn more? Contact us here!  

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