Audrey’s Story: A Story of Forgiveness

“Audrey” had an abortion in her past, but since then she had moved on. She was very involved in her church and was on staff, leading the women’s ministry. She loved Jesus. She loved her family. But she fell into sin and found herself pregnant by a man who was not her husband.  

She asked herself how she could have let this happen. She made a mistake, but now the whole world would see. Audrey worried how she could withstand the judgement of people in her church. How could she meet the eyes of former friends and see their disgust thinly veiled behind polite smiles? How could she face a pregnancy while being socially outcast by those she loved?  

Despite this, she had promised herself she would never get an abortion again. She knew what she had to do. She steeled herself for the task and confessed to her husband. She expected anger and hurt. She knew she had caused a deep wound in him.  

But she didn’t expect him to agree to stay…only if she aborted the baby. He told her that he couldn’t raise another man’s child. She could cover up her sin with an abortion and keep her marriage and family intact. She had other children and a disabled child to care for.  She needed her husband.  Or she could carry the pregnancy and lose everything. She was in need of unplanned pregnancy help.  Her choice felt impossible.

Audrey chose abortion. She was devastated. 

Audrey kept her pain hidden for years, until she found Care Net’s Healing Tide program for support after abortion. For the first time, she shared her abortion stories and was met with an overflow of God’s grace and compassion. Her mistakes weren’t excused, but they were paid for on a cross, two-thousand years ago.  

A Place for Forgiveness

Audrey was freed from her shame and now she shares her story regularly. God has used her story to bring freedom to countless other women ensnared in the shame of past abortions.

If you have an abortion experience in your past, we want you to know that there is forgiveness and healing. He can use your story, too. 

At Care Net of Puget Sound, we want to be a safe place for women and men who have lost a child to the pain of abortion.

Reach out for support and begin your healing journey today.

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