Offering Hope and Healing to Women After Abortion

“Tara” was a young professional woman. She was just getting started in her career, and it was a promising one. She had done everything “right” – going to college, buying a house, choosing a good career path, going to church, having a steady boyfriend. Everything in her life seemed to be working out. 

But then Tara found out she was pregnant. She was overwhelmed with shame. What would the Christians in her life think of her? Surely, they would be disgusted by her sin. Because of the shame she felt, she decided abortion was the only solution. She buried the grief, shame, and guilt of her abortion deep and tried to return to life as usual. It would be years before Tara would find healing.  

One day, while attending her church, Tara heard about the ministry of Healing Tide. For the first time in her life, she fully experienced the lavish grace and forgiveness of God. Now Tara shares her story openly with a passion to see other women, men, and couples healed from the pain and bondage of past abortions.  

Offering Hope and Healing  

Since the overturning of Roe, abortions are increasing in Washington State. From April 2022 to March 2023, it is reported that our state has seen a 16.5% increase in monthly abortions. That means more unborn lives are being lost and more families, women, and men – like Tara – are being hurt by abortion in our communities.  

Since 1988, Care Net has been offering post-abortive support to women like Tara who desperately need healing and freedom. In 2021, we expanded this work to minister to men and couples. We believe God has called us, not only to offer the support that our clients need to choose life but the healing they need to find God’s forgiveness and freedom after abortion.  

Join Us in the Work 

In the first half of this year, by the grace of God, Care Net of Puget Sound has seen a 47% increase in clients – over double the percentage increase of abortions! Would you consider partnering with us to help more women like Tara find healing? When you give to Care Net, you are supporting preventative education through our Smart Programs that equips young people to avoid the risks of sexual activity outside God’s design. You are helping meet women in their unplanned pregnancies with hope and free pregnancy help before they enter an abortion clinic.  

And you are helping women and men like Tara find the hope and forgiveness of Jesus Christ after the pain of abortion. You can give today to help women heal and support life by visiting 

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